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About the Department

The department began its journey with the Pass course as soon as the foundation of the college in 2007. It introduced Honours course in 2008. It consists of four eminent faculty members who constantly try their level best to pertaining knowledge to the students. As the college is located in a remote rural area and students of the department mostly come from families of first-generation learners, it occasionally arranges remedial classes to boost the students. The philosophy of the department is not to confine learning within the classroom. Instead, it believes in acquainting students with different phases of history through field surveys, and excursions so that they can perceive the utility of the subject. The department considers interdisciplinarity as the key element for modern research. So it organizes national and international seminars and webinars on various aspects of history and beyond. It occasionally organizes students’ seminars with the students in the final year to encourage them to share their thoughts and understandings of the subject. The co-curricular activities are an integral part of the department. The students actively participate in the annual exhibition organized by the college on a specific theme.