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                                                                    The Department of Education 


The Department of Education of Onda Thana Mahavidyalaya offers a congenial academic environment and tries to provide the best quality education to students in order to nurture their talent and promote their intellectual growth and shape their personal development. The goal of this department is to make the students competent enough to understand their self and the cognitive processes of their minds which will enable them to combat restraints and will help them to be competent for life’s bigger challenges. The mission of the department is to enable learners, both locally and globally, to understand the meanings of different facets of education and to empower them to live at par with the values of society and make developments in their life.

Education Department of Onda Thana Mahavidyalaya focused to make the learners acquainted with the nature, characteristics, theory and practical application of educational research in the educational field for their career advancement. Improvements through concurrent and sequential research in the educational field are never out of trend, therefore, to make the learners’ competent in research activities completely in tune with global trends.

The Department also promotes learning through activity and conducts different projects and excursions which are aimed at empowering the learners with the practical knowledge of research application and innovation in society with an aim to make them competent to face national and international educational challenges.

 In the month of July 2015 presence of Dr Bhim Chandra Mandal (Principle of Nikhil Bango Shikha Niketan), a class seminar was organised.  In the years 2016 & 2018 Dr Kartik Chandra Pramanik (Department of Education Bankura University) and Mr. Lutftul Haque,  Assistant professor,  Bankura University. were invited to deliver talks. 

Every year seminars, educational tours, exhibitions, free book donation camps, and psychological testing are organised in which students are interested.

It is a matter of pride that 3 scholars of the department ranked top positions in UG under Bankura university in the years 2019, and 2022. At least 8-10 students out of 20 hold high ranks in PG.

Our aim is to open PG Course at our college campus.