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Academic Calender:-

July to June. Admission to the three year degree course starts just after the publication of the results of Higher Secondary Examination and classes start after the admission procedure is completed. Now, from 2017 July with the introduction of CBCS under Bankura University, the system becomes different and the semestar pattern exam is held every six months.

College Examination:-

Usually the Unit test Examination takes place after  the Puja Vacation and Test Examination commences from January onwards. But, from 2017 july with Semestar pattern, the system of Unit  Test  and Test will no longer exist.

Attendance: -

The college follows 75% total attendance for each academic session for each student as per university guide lines.

General Instruction to the Students :-

Each student must follow the regulations :-
a) Reckless use of mobile gadget &  entertaining tools are strictly prohibited in the campus.
b) To follow the college notice board regularly.
c) To be present & be active in the different college programmes such as NSS, Sports, Tutorial     classes etc.
d) To bring College Identity Card daily.
e) To behave like student l both inside and outside the college campus.


Students must have to maintain the following disciplines
a) To attend the classes regularly
b) To maintain integrity peaceful & academic atmosphere in the college
c) To abide by the rules & regulation framed by the college authority.

Students' Union:
Aim of the students' Union:-
a) To bring unity among the students.
b) To promote academic, scientific ,cultural and social interest and outlook among the students.
c) To promote discipline, sense of responsibility, integrity and brotherhood among the students.
d) To safe guard the rights of the students.
e) To aid, help & facilitate the study of need & poor students, particularly coming from the      backward classes of the society.
f) To provide scope to develop the tenacity & ability of the students.
g) To foster healthy & cordial relation with the teachers and the non-teaching members of staff
     of the college
h) To safe-guard the democratic rights and encourage participation in fighting against      abscurantisue, secession communalism, obscenity & to work for the cause of social justice.


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