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hola vpn how to useGetting into endpoints, networks and databases is only a means to the end.How many active customers do you have today? Where are they mainly located? We currently have about 130 customers, mostly large enterprises.You are also the president of an organization called EAS-SEC – what exactly is that? The EAS-SEC is the Enterprise Application Security Project.free vpn for windows phone 8.1We decided to focus on, and protect, the most critical asset – the data itself.Traditional vulnerability tools do not really address applications – they focus on databases, operating systems, and networks.The market for the PeopleSoft product is still in its infancy – it took us seven years to build the market for our SAP security product.softether gate

free vpn provider macYou also offer security testing and auditinvpn proxy germany oupdg services.In terms of revenue numbers, right now it is 90% SAP and 10% PeopleSoft, but I expect that to change as the market grows and matures.Customization Issues – SAP is a framework and companies build software on top of it.forticlient vpn for windows 7 home basicPlease give me an overview of the ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP.Do you also have products for those platforms? SAP is the leading company in the enterprise application space, but last year we also released a version of our tool suite for Oracle PeopleSoft.These engagements are usually our first encounter with new customers.best free vpn for iphone reddit 2020

avast secureline yorumWe translate SAP events into language that the security staff understands.Please give me an overview of the ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP.Many low-level operations can be performed using the SAP ABAP programming language.browser vpn vs vpnThese engagements are usually our first encounter with new customers.You can learn more about the state of SAP vulnerabilities and attacks in this presentation: Your web site also talks a lot about Oracle and PeopleSoft.The results of our testing and auditing engagement will often help them to justify the cost of the automated tools.hotspot shield vpn yorum

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